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This is a worrying time for everyone - and particularly for pregnant woman. There seems to be lots of conflicting information and advice - so we thought we would share this article (published on 17th March 2020) from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, the Royal College of Midwives and the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health:

Following the new measures outlined by the Prime Minister yesterday, particularly those suggesting that pregnant women reduce social contact, the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, the Royal College of Midwives and the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health are working to reassure pregnant women and those who care for them.

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The three Royal Colleges, who between them care for and support women and their babies throughout pregnancy, birth and childhood, reiterate that there is currently no new evidence to suggest that pregnant women are at greater risk from coronavirus (COVID-19) than other healthy individuals, or that they can pass the infection to their baby while pregnant. Yesterday’s announcement is purely a precautionary measure, to reduce the theoretical risk to the baby’s growth and a risk of preterm birth should the mother become unwell.

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BreathableBaby UK, home of the original Breathable mesh cot liner


We have the widest range of liners suitable for all tastes and cot styles. Developed in the US over 15 years ago and with millions sold we can honestly say that we are both the original and the best-selling breathable cot liner worldwide. And with millions of mesh cot liners sold worldwide we have earned the trust of all our mums and dads. 


If you are not sure which liner is best suited to your needs follow this link to see our different types. To see all of the fashions available click here

Launching in April 2020 our new Active Swaddles and Trio Swaddles

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Just arrived are 2 new gorgeous swaddles from BreathableBaby. The new swaddle trio is a 3 in 1 design to help babies sleep better and longer. The customisable fitted swaddle accommodates 3 stages of swaddling, arms up, arms down and arms out. It is built upon safety principles by health professionals.

The active swaddle is a soft swaddle blanket, light weight and manufactured from soft premium jersey fabric with added stretch just like your favourite yoga pants. The active swaddle is a versatile on the go blanket that can be used as a swaddle, stroller cover, nursing cover or for tummy time play. Extra large size 119cm x 119cm.

Loved by mums and babies

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Safety is our top priority

At BreathableBaby, safety is our top priority. Safety is the starting point for our product design, and we take extra steps (like consulting with doctors and rigorously testing our products) to make sure all of our safer sleep solutions are dependable enough for your family. We are proud to not only meet but also exceed all relevant product safety standards. Our research is helping to make products safer across the board, too. Click here to find out about our testing


We are often are contacted by worried mums asking us if our cot liners and safe and what makes them different from traditional cot bumpers. Below we hope to answer many of your questions . Please contct us if we can be of more help. 


What is the difference between traditional cot bumpers and BreathableBaby cot liners?

Traditional cot bumpers are manufactured with cotton covers filled with polyester wadding. These fabrics are not breathable for small babies.


BreathableBaby crib and cot liners are made from lightweight breathe-through mesh, which utilises Air Channel Technology. This  means they are fully breathable and also allow for air circulation meaning better temperature control. 


Are cot liners safe? 

This is the short answer ….

With recent developments in fabric technology and new product development, BreathableBaby have developed a cot liner that overcomes the problems seen with old style cot bumpers and that mums can use with complete peace of mind. 


In the United States, where traditional cot bumpers are banned in many states, BreathableBaby cot liners are the only cot bumper permitted to be sold 


This is a longer answer ……. please stick with us for a bit of a history lesson

There has been much adverse publicity over the years regarding the use of traditional cot bumpers. However, our liners differ from traditional bumpers in that they have no dense padding and are fully air and water permeable. This allows for breathability and temperature control.


The Lullaby Trust recommendation is that a bare cot is best, however rest assured there is no direct link between SIDS and the use of bumpers. The primary concern is actually that of overheating – babies have a habit of ending up with their little heads pressed right into the corner of their cots. As babies lose heat mainly from their heads then this can affect their ability to control their temperature. This is the origin of the Feet to Foot campaign, urging parents to position baby towards the bottom of the cot. A recommendation that we fully endorse. 


Another concern was suffocation due to the highly padded nature of some traditional bumpers. Our liners are constructed using materials which allow baby to breathe through it -even if they are pressed right up against it.


Some parents are concerned about entanglement in the bumper or ties. Our bumpers are fitted using both hook and loop fasteners and ties meaning they cannot come loose (though we do recommend you check they are secure every so often). Ties are not only triple sewn to prevent them coming loose; they are also sewn in 2 pieces with a free length of only 22 cm. In other words super safe. 


As with any nursery product, it is essential that our cot liners are fitted according to our instructions for use. It is important to note for example that you should not secure liners to the top rail of the cot, rather tie them around the vertical slat. This means they cannot become a climbing hazard.


With millions sold across the world, we stand by our safety record.


Why do I need a cot liner?

Cot liners are helpful in keeping little arms and legs inside the cot to prevent limb entrapment between cot bars. They also provide a little bit of protection for rock and roll babies  ‘head bangers’ 


Are cot liner’s suitable from birth?

Yes, our liners are suitable for use from birth until baby can sit unaided (around 6 months). 


When should I stop using the liner?

Once baby is sitting up and active. After that time safety standards recommend that bumpers and liners are removed as they can become a climbing aid. Our liners actually collapse when a baby climbs on them so they cannot be used as a launchpad out of the cot – this minimises the risks for older babies. 


Should the liner collapse?

It will need repositioning every so often as they do collapse with time. It is therefore important to check ties and fastenings regularly to ensure the liner is tight and secure. The collapse is part of the design and for safety reasons to prevent baby using them as a foot hold to get out of the cot. 


Are the cot liners suitable for all cots?

Our liners fit most cots sold in the Uk and Europe. The hook & loop fasteners of the cot liner allow it to be adjusted to fit most standard sized (120 cm x 60 cm) cots and cot beds, typically 140cm x 70cm. Click here to see which liner is best fit for your cot. If in doubt please contact us with the size and type of cot you have and we will be happy to help.


Will the crib liner fit all cribs?

Our crib liner is designed to fit traditional wooden and rocking cribs, as well as newer style cribs such as the Stoke Sleepi mini and NSAUk  


Depending on your crib you can wrap inside or outside of the corner posts to adjust the fit. 


What are the sizes of the different liner’s?


Crib liner – 1 x panel, 275cm , 22cm high


Full wrap ( for slatted cots) – 1 x long panel 292 cm, 1 x short panel 226 cm, 28cm high 


2 Sided ( for solid end cots )  - 2 x panels 148cm, 28cm high



How do I fit the liner?

Our liners are easy to fit by passing along the inside of the cot and wrapping  the hook and look fittings at each end around the cot slats . Please read instructions for use carefully to ensure they are fitted properly 


Does the liner go on the inside or outside of the cot?

The liner goes around the inside of the cot, with the pattern facing into the baby. The fastenings and ties are safely on the outside


Can I use the liner on a bedside crib?

Most bedside cribs have mesh sides with no means of fixing a liner on securely. As such we do not recommended for use with most soft sided bed-side cribs. The NSAUk Babyside convertible crib has slats and is compatible with our 2 sided liner. 


Can I still lower the cot side if the liner is fitted?

Yes, however, newer cots do not now have drop sides as required by the latest safety standards. Make sure your cot complies with the latest safety standard for the safest sleep 


Are the liners see through?

The mesh is opaque so light filters through. At only 28cm high it is easy to see over them to watch over your lo.

Are the sheets breathable too?

Our sheets are manufactured from birdseye fabric which is fully breathable. It is also moisture wicking so helps to keep baby cool and dry